Finished Products


Intensive Care product: 

  • Novalbin 20% is a sterile, liquid preparation of albumin derived from large pools of human plasma. 


Immunodeficienncy Products: 

  • Novogam 50mg/ml, Intravenous Immunoglobulin normal human
  • Novogam 100mg/ml, Intravenous Immunoglobulin normal human


Hemophilia Products: 

  • Novanate 500 UI, (congenital factor VIII deficiency ), It is specified for treatment of patients with haemophilia A treatment of all age groups.
  • Novanine 500 UI, (congenital factor IX deficiency) It is specified for treatment of patients with hemophilia B.


In Cooperation with Octapharma AG;

  • Albunorm 20%
  • Octagam 5%
  • Octanate 
  • Octanin F
  • Octaplex 
  • Wilate 
  • Fibryga


Contract Manufacturing:

Plasma Derived Medicinal Products (PDMPs) are distinguished from most other medicines in some ways, mainly the exceptional nature of the raw materials used for  manufacturing. 
Novo Plasma GmbH is able to manage toll-Fractionation up to 1 Mio Liters of plasma annually for fractionation process and lead these the finished products.

Novo Plasma GmbH, providing the consulting services and facilitate the contract manufacturing for your collected human plasma (Plasma Collection Centers) at any individual regions. Our team has expertise to establish the cGMP at your facilities and prepare the collection centers for the EU inspections.   

Our Values

  • Reliability, Transparency and Commitment
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Integrity and Teamwork
  • Customer Value Creation
  • International Culture and Network



QC Laboratory 


Providing the QC Laboratory tests at our QC Lab, holding the valid certificate from Bezirksregierung-Ansberg, Germany. 

  • ABO/Rh    
  • Anti-HBc Total    
  • Anti-HCV    
  • Anti-HIV 1&2 Plus O    
  • HbsAg    
  • Red Cell Antibody Screen    
  • STS (Syphilis)


 NAT Tests:

  • Hepatitis A Virus
  • Hepatitis B Virus
  • Hepatitis C Virus
  • Hepatitis E Virus
  • HIV
  • Parvovirus B19




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Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any question, thought, or issue.

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